Tools Used By an Automotive Locksmith

Locksmith is well identified from tools. In the automotive sector tools used are all different from those used in other sectors. The body of the car is made up of a thin sheet of metal or so-called plastic in which applying little excess pressure dangerous. In such a case, they never use drill machines. The other tools used by them are snap gun, lock pick wrenches, long narrow z shape metal wire, small tool kit.

It is a quite sensitive case and work is performed with proper care and attentiveness. Among all, z shape metal wire is the favorite tool used by an urban automotive locksmith. The length of the wire is common of one to a half meter and width is in centimeter which can easily get penetrated the car through the window. In front of the wire, there is a special hook that can lift the latch and make the door unlock.

This method is quite simple, does not require any heavy destruction, and performed within a time of fewer than two minutes.

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